Why Are Natural Gas Grills Expensive? 3 Main Reasons.

Buying a grill is a huge investment so you have to be pretty careful and practical about it. Most people get surprised when they start their research on gas grills before buying that is why are natural gas grills expensive. The grill is very similar to propane grills because it cost in the high range. As a buyer, you should be curious about it as you would really not understand its pros and cons just from a price tag.

In this article, we will discuss the reasons and objectives that make a natural gas grill so expensive. It will help you decide whether to buy the grill or not.

An Introduction to Natural Gas Grills

A natural gas grill uses natural gas as fuel from your home’s gas supply. You do not have to fill up on the gas as you will have a continuous supply of it. Natural gas grills may seem like a big investment than propane gas grills. But it is only at the initial point once you have the natural gas grill, the unit will overall cost less than propane to work.

Because of the gas supply, you must decide precisely where you will want to set up the grill as it will not be movable from that place again. More overly, it should be at a place where there is a gas provision for connection. Otherwise, you will need a professional contractor to make that provision which will be much more costly.

The best thing about a natural gas grill is that it provides even heating for the food that you grill where propane gas is not very consistent. With natural gas, you can get better food, and be environment-friendly. For more information, do visit this blog post.

Why are natural gas grills expensive?
Gas Grill

Reasons: Why are natural gas grills expensive as compared to other grills

Now, we have a proper understanding of how natural gas grills operate and settle. But if you are a new buyer of gas grills you will have the question of why are natural gas grills expensive. After, knowing the fact that natural gas is much cheaper than propane as a fuel. Following is some of the most recurring reasons that contribute to the higher cost of the natural gas grill:

Natural gas line

The initial investment of a natural gas grill is higher because in order to use a natural gas grill you have to have a natural gas line installed. If you are fortunate enough to already have a gas line, then the process will not as expensive. But if you do not have convenient access to the natural gas line then it can be a pretty expensive procedure.


Natural gas grills are expensive because they need more maintenance. Natural gas is an easy combustible fuel, it requires more attention and security than propane gas. You will need to check connections, and hoses for any leaks regularly to make sure that it is vented properly.

The natural gas grill has shortened life span than other grills. Because natural gas has a corrosive nature it can break down the internal components of the grill much faster. So, you will require to replace or repair the grill once in a while.

Natural gas expense

Why are natural gas grills expensive? Natural gas is a less volatile gas than propane which makes it less explode able. This property makes it much safer to use while raising the price tag. More overly, natural gas is less flammable which is why the grill will require thicker walls and expensive components.

The particular features of the natural gas also add up to the expensive price tag of the grill. For more information please read this blog post.

The Final Takeaway

Natural gas grills are marketed as an expensive product than most other gas grills. There are certain which do explain why are natural gas grills expensive. The high installation cost, maintenance issues, being only an outdoor grill, and the replacing cost. Nevertheless, if you are someone who already has a natural gas line then the natural gas grill will not be much expensive for you.

On the other end, natural gas grills also have their benefits such as being environment-friendly, better grilling performance, long-term savings, permanent flow of fuel, and many more. So, it depends upon your choice to either invest in a natural gas grill or not.


Q1; Are natural gas grills more expensive?

Ans. Yes, natural gas grills are much more expensive than any kind of grill. There are several reasons why natural gas grills have an expensive price tag. The fitting of the natural gas grill and the hose that runs from the gas grill to your home is what makes this grill so expensive.

More overly, these grills require a constant flow of natural gas, so you have to pay for the expenses of it. The fuel of this type of grill is much more costly than any other fuel used in grills.

Q2; What are the benefits of a natural gas grill?

Ans. Being expensive is one of the drawbacks when it comes to a natural gas grill, however, they are a ton of benefits of natural gas grills as well. Natural gas cause less exhaustion so it will help you to enjoy parties more without getting blocked with a lot of smoke. The setup for a natural gas grill does seem expensive but it is complicated like others you can simply switch it on without any disruptions.

Why are natural gas grills expensive? The natural gas supply is directly connected to your home supply which means it is high convenience and you do not have to run out every time for fuel when you want to grill.

Q3; What is the difference between a gas grill and a natural gas grill?

Ans. There are a lot of differences between a gas grill and a natural gas grill. However, the major difference is the use of propane in gas grills and natural gas in natural gas grills. Natural gas produces less carbon dioxide per unit whereas propane gas produces more heat and carbon dioxide per unit than natural gas grills.

Q4; Do natural gas grills can get as hot as propane?

Ans. One of the highlights of propane gas grills is that they burn hotter than natural gas grills. While natural gas grills cannot get as hot as propane gas grills which are sometimes considered a drawback. Natural gas has a BTU rating of 1000 while propane gas has a BTU rating of 2500 which clearly shows which one is hotter.

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