How to Remove Rust from Cast Iron Grill Grates? 3 Effective Ways to Get Rid of Rust from Cast Iron Grates

How to Remove Rust from Cast Iron Grill Grates? Cast iron grill grates are a great purchase. They are highly durable, and multipurpose kitchen gadgets. On top of that, if you take proper measures for the maintenance of the grill. There are high chances that you can expand its life period. 

However, cast iron grates can get rusted pretty quickly if not cleaned properly or due to some unintentional accident. The rusting will make it unusable for you which is something you do not want. 

Rust on cast iron grill grates

In this article, we are going to explain effective ways to remove rust from cast iron grill grates. Also, the preventions that you should take to keep your investment looking good and operating perfectly. 

How to Remove Rust from Cast Iron Grill Grates? 3 Efficient Ways to Get Rid of Rust from Cast Iron Grates

Sometimes unintentional neglection or incidents can occur which will make your grate rusty. The reasons can vary from leaving the cover off the grate or moisture getting inside of it. However, the important part is to remove the rust as quickly as possible. You can recover the grill as long as the rust has not built up to the level that it has eaten the iron of the grills. 

Removing the rust from the grill is certainly an easy job that you pull all by yourself. You do not require any professional help from outside.

There are several ways through which you can remove the rust from cast iron grill grates. Here are a couple of the most efficient methods to remove the rust in no time:

  1. Vinegar solution
  2. Soapy water and a stiff brush
  3. Grill cleaner solutions, and products 

Vinegar solution

Vinegar is an acid-based substance which makes it a great bleaching solution. Using vinegar on your rust cast iron grill grates is one of the easiest methods to get rid of the corrosion. You just have to make a 50/50 solution of white vinegar with water. You can also add salt or baking soda to enhance the bleaching effect. Now, you can use the solution in two ways:

Rub the rusted grill with the vinegar solution with a strong hand and then leave it for a few minutes. When the vinegar starts to dissolve, use a wire brush to start cleaning the rusted area. You will have to repeat the process a c few times until the rust is completely gone. 

Another method is to soak the grills in the vinegar solution for about an hour or two. Then use a scrub, to clean all the remaining rust. After scraping the rust, you will have to wash the grills with soap to get rid of any vinegar. Lastly, you will dry it in a low oven to get a sleek finish.

Soapy water and a stiff brush

You can remove the rust from the cast iron grates by washing them with hot soapy water. And then using a stiff brush to get rid of the rust. After cleaning it, give it a good rinse with room temperature water. It is necessary to dry it completely as soon as possible. Because if there is any moisture left behind, it will cause the rusting process to start again. 

The best way is to dry it in a low oven until there is no hydration left. Removing the rust with hot soapy water and a brush will remove any seasoning that you have done. So, make sure to season the cast iron grill grates before using them the next time. 

Grill cleaner solutions, and products

If you are stuck with the rusted grill even after doing several DIY solutions. Then you should use a specialized grill cleaner to remove the rust. The grill cleaners contain a lye substance that is a very strong and harsh alkaline solution. The solution is used for cleaning, and dissolving the rust perfectly. 

Before cleaning, you must assemble all the required things; trash bags, grill cleaner, a large container, and safety glasses. In an airy area, spray the cleaner evenly on the grills. Put them in a container and store them in the container for a couple of days. When the rust is cleared, rinse the cast iron grill with a soapy water mixture. 

How to Remove Rust from Cast Iron Grill Grates?
Rusty grates

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How to Prevent Rusted Cast Iron Grills? 

Prevention is always better than curing the problem. There are ways through which you can get rid of rust from your cast iron grills.  However, you can altogether prevent rust from developing on the grills. Doing preventions will make your grill last much longer in a good shape and maintenance. Here is a list of preventions that you can do to prevent rust from the cast iron grill grates.

Cleaning the grills

It is very important to clean the grills after every use. Cleaning the grills is very imperative, and effective. When you clean the grills, there will be no residue left that can cause rusting. Now, cleaning the grills is not enough, you should know the right method to clean them. 

You will apply the heat that is left inside the grill to get rid of any food or sauce residue in the grate. You can also use a grill brush to scrape out the stuck food. 

Now, some people may stop at this point. But there is another extra step that will make your grill even more durable. You must apply a very thin layer of oil after cleaning the grate. While the grill is hot. 

Seasoning is essential 

Regardless of how often you are using the grill. You must season the cast iron grates before and after the usage.

 Seasoning is a simple process of coating the cast iron with a thin layer of fat or oil at high temperatures. The oil or fat will get baked into the pores of the cast iron grills. The oil will polymerize creating a tough coating that will prevent rust and burnout.

You can use any oil or fat to season the cast iron. However, cooking oil forms the best coating out of all. Or you can use different seasoning products that are specifically designed for this purpose. 

Buy the right grill

There is no doubt that cleaning your cast iron grill is important. But if the quality of the grill is not good, cleaning will not help much in preventing rust. So, it is significant for you to buy the right grill of good quality. You can buy stainless steel or porcelain-coated cast iron grates as they prevent rusting and corrosion. 

You should buy a grill that has a cover that fits well, and properly. if the cover does not fit, it will allow moisture, and air to get inside the grill which will cause rusting. 

More overly, if you live in an area near water, there will be more chances of rust. So, you have to make all precautions to avoid any such situation. 

This blog post will provide you some effective methods for grills cleaning.


Q1. Is it necessary to remove rust from your cast iron grills?

Ans; Yes, it is necessary to remove the rust from your cast iron grills. Otherwise, if you left the rust for too long. It will go to the point where it will start eating the iron.

Furthermore, you will not be able to enjoy good grilled food. And your cast iron grill will stop operating properly. So, you better remove the rust before the condition get worse.

Q2. Is it fine to grill on rusted grates?

Ans; No, it is not fine to grill your food on rusted grills. Rust is composed of iron oxide which can be harmful to your health. More overly, when you cook on rusted grills you do not get the same taste or coloring on food. It will not look or taste good. So, it is a must for you to clean the grills as soon as possible. 

Q3. Why do cast iron grills get rusted?

Ans; There are several reasons why your cast iron grills can get rusted. The exposure of the grills to air and water is the most common one. Dripping sauces, marinades, and meat remaining are also culprits for making the grills rusty. The grease causes the iron to oxidize which leads to rusting. So, it is always better to use the grills properly and to clean them routinely. 

The Bottom Line 

A rusted cast iron grill grate is neither ideal nor appetizing. Additionally, a rusted grill is not an optimal or good condition for cast iron. So, to prevent all that chaos you need to remove the rust as soon as possible without any delay. Cleaning a rusted grill is a relatively an easy and simple method than expected. 

There are simple DIY methods through which you can clean the rust. You will need no professional aid or special products; you can do the cleaning all by yourself. The methods only require non-toxic substances or items that are most probably already present in your kitchen.  However, preventions are the best method, and guidelines. When there will be no rust, there will be no problems whatsoever. So, it is crucial to remove the rust and then follow the preventions to avoid any future rusting or corrosion.



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