How to Grill Frozen Burger Patties on Gas Grill?


Juicy and rich grilled burgers are always a favorite food to enjoy especially when unexpected hunger is always there. Here we will explain How to Grill Frozen Burger Patties on Gas Grill? The savory taste with a subtle smoky note of grilled burgers is just what everyone craves for a summer outing or social gathering. When time is short and hunger is there, frozen patties are best to make quick and easy burger recipes. There is no need to worry about it, you can grill frozen burger patties too.

There are no pre-preparations required such as thawing or defrosting. Grilling the burger patty on a gas grill will give you a juicy and flavorful patty in a few minutes. The methods of grilling the frozen burger patties may vary. However, the right temperature is required for perfectly cooked patties because no one wants an uncooked piece of meat in their burger.

In this article, you will know much more about grilling frozen burger patties with a 6-steps guide. And some tips on how to enhance the experience of grilled frozen burgers. 

What You Should Know About How to Grill Frozen Burger Patties on Gas Grill?

Fresh burger patties are usually the optimal choice when it comes to grilling. But sometimes there is no choice except to grill frozen burger patties. Grilling frozen patties is not a very complicated task, it is quite similar to grilling a fresh patty. 

The only tricky part is maintaining the temperature of the grill and separating the frozen patties. You can use different tools such as a sturdy spatula to separate the patties. It is important to balance the temperature between medium-high to get a good crispy and juicy patty. Do not cook the frozen patties at a high temperature, as it will burn the patty from the outside while leaving the inside raw. 

Some parts of the grills are typically hotter than others, so move the burgers around when they are closer to doneness. There is one more thing about frozen patties, that is they have more moisture than fresh patties.

You can also defrost or thaw according to your preferences, but direct cooking is also convenient and easy. For more information, you may visit.

6-step Instruction Set to Grill a Frozen Burger

Grilling a fresh burger patty and a frozen burger is pretty similar. So, there is no need to take any stress regarding grilling frozen burger patties on a gas grill. All you need is a good set of instructions to pull off the right preparation and grilling method. Here are the 6 steps that you follow to grill a perfect frozen burger patty:

Also, take out the frozen burger patties from the freezer. Do not skip the preheating part, it is a very important step. Because if you grill a frozen patty on a non-heated grill you will end up with a failed patty. It will give them some time to defrost before they go on the grills. 

  1. Now, you will separate the patties from the paper to get them ready for the grill. At this point, you can give the patties a little bit more time to defrost and get rid of some extra moisture. 
  2. Gather all the ingredients for the grilled burgers and lay out the equipment to get everything together. Take out all the condiments, burger buns, vegetables, desired sauces, salt, and pepper. So, you can assemble the burger in one place and not by moving here and there. Preheat the grill to medium heat, not very high or low just keep the heat in the middle. 
  3. Place the burger patties on the grill at a temperature of 350 F. They will cook for about 15 to 20 minutes. You should flip them every 5 minutes to cook them evenly on both sides.
  4. At this point, you should season the patties with either salt and pepper or other spices if you want. Lastly, if you want to add a cheese slice, add it in the last few minutes.
  5. Remove the patties off the gas grill. And toast the buns on the grill to get the fine grill lines. It will take only 1 or 2 minutes depending upon the heat. 
  6. Lastly, you will assemble the burger by adding condiments, sauces, and your favorite vegetables. You can get as creative as you want in this step by assembling your choice of grilled burger.

Extra Tips to Grill a Frozen Burger Patties Perfectly

Gas grills

Grilling frozen burgers on a gas grill may seem like a tough task. But the method is relatively simple and easy. 

However, it is also easy to slip up or to make mistakes that can compromise the taste of the burger. Here are some extra tips to high up your grilling experience and get the juiciest burger possible.

Preheating the grill

You need to preheat the grill before starting to grill frozen patties. If you put frozen patties on a cold grill, it will be the biggest disaster you can make. The preheating will help the frozen patties to cook more evenly both inside, and outside. 

Seasoning is essential 

Seasoning is the most important when it comes to the flavor and taste of the burger patties. People mostly do not give enough attention to season frozen patties, which results in a plain and bland flavor.

 When it comes to seasoning use kosher salt as it expands more. And you can put any extra seasoning after the patty has been on the grill for 2 minutes before flipping it. Please make sure to apply the seasoning when the patty is on the grill and not when frozen. 

Balancing the temperature 

You should never cook the meat on extremely high heat or too low heat. On high heat, the meat will only cook from the outside while being uncooked on the inside. 

There are also chances to burn the meat before it reaches its optimal temperature. On the other hand, cooking the meat on low heat, will make the patty mushy, and not crisp at all. So, you need to balance the temperature at a medium pace to cook the perfect patties. 

Thickness matters  If you have frozen homemade patties or store-bought. You must make or buy patties that are thick and not too thin. Thin patties get stuck easily on the grill which will make the flipping very hard. Also, thin patties get burned very quickly as there is not enough meat to cook properly. 


Q1. How long do you grill frozen burgers?

Ans; It takes about 15 or 20 minutes to grill frozen burgers on a gas grill. However, it is necessary to preheat the grill at medium-high heat. In the meantime, you can remove the burger patties from the freezer, separate them, and remove the paper. Then, place the frozen patties on the grill for 15 or 20 minutes while flipping every 5 minutes. 

Q2. What temperature do you grill frozen burgers on?

Ans; When you start grilling frozen patties, you should first preheat the grills to 350 F for about 8 minutes. And then start grilling them at the starting temperature of 350 F. Make sure the frozen burger patties reach an internal temperature of 160 F. Otherwise if the internal temperature is not 160 F, it means your patty is not cooked through yet. 

Balancing the internal and external temperature is very important for the patty to cook perfectly. If you cannot measure the temperature properly. You can use a food thermometer as they are a more reliable source. 

Q3. Do you grill frozen burgers with the lid open or closed? 

Ans: Keeping the lid open or close, is a very important factor in cooking the frozen patties. Whether to grill the burger patties with an open or closed lid merely depends upon the thickness of the patties. 

If the patties are less than ¾ inch thick, then you should keep the lid open. Because thinner patties do not require a lot of heat or steam to cook. Although, if the patties are thicker than ¾ inches, then you must close the lid. As for thicker patties, you should close the lid to keep the temperature even and high. 

The Bottom Line  

Grilling burgers for an outing or gathering is always a fun activity. But what if you do not have fresh patties and you have to cook with frozen patties? There is no need to get anxious as you can easily cook frozen burgers on your gas grill. 

People often assume that grilling frozen patties is a non-convenient task. Instead, frozen burgers are an easy-cook and great to have on hand for a last-minute meal plan. Frozen patties do not cook very differently from fresh patties. You just have to maintain the temperature and cooking time to get a crispy, juicy patty. 

Just follow the 6 steps guide to grilling the perfect burgers listed above. You will end up with the best-grilled burgers that you ever had in your life.   

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