Can You Use a Knife on Blackstone Griddle? 3 Best Alternatives

While cooking on an electric griddle, some people prefer to cut the meat on its surface. Who wants to deal with all the hassle when you can cut the meat directly on the griddle?

Many people wonder, “ can you use a knife on Blackstone griddle?” Yes, you can. We’ve got your back. We’ve compiled all possible questions about this issue into one piece. Keep navigating to see the detailed solution to your problem.

Is Knife Safe to Use on a Blackstone Griddle?

Can You Use a Knife on Blackstone Griddle? The answer is yes! You can use a knife on your griddle, which can be helpful in many different situations. For example, let’s say you’re cooking some veggies for breakfast. You might want to dice them into small pieces so they cook evenly and quickly. Or maybe you’re trying to make Blackstone griddle recipes and need to slice some meat thinly. For more information please visit this blog post.  

Either way, having a sharp knife is handy and will make the process much easier and safer. In comparison, some folks prefer to use a metal spatula or scraper instead of a knife. While others say it’s ok to use knives as long as you don’t scrape the surface. 

Although a knife can be used but is it safe to do so?

Is It Safe To Use A Knife On Electric Griddle?

Can You Use a Knife on Blackstone Griddle? According to the opinions of several customers, it is safe. Here are some replies from customers:

  • I have repeatedly chopped meat on the griddle, and everything turned out well.
  • When I cut the meat with the knife, the cuts are not deep enough. So there’s nothing to worry about.
  • Even while using a knife does not harm the griddle, it significantly impacts the blade of a knife.

Even though this technique is quite popular among people, be prepared for damages. Of course, you won’t damage the griddle, but there’s a risk you might damage the non-stick coating. Additionally, there is a fair chance that the meat will stick to the knife, which could result in severe injury.

The non-stick coating will ultimately need to be repaired. Therefore, we advise you to chop on an electric griddle but not regularly.

Which Knives You Can Use On Blackstone Griddle?

Many indoor and outdoor griddle owners are curious about which knives to use on the griddle. Consider a few things when using your knife while cooking on the griddle. Can You Use a Knife on Blackstone Griddle? It is a main issue.

It would be best never to use a serrated knife on a griddle. The serrated edge easily hooks on any solid substance and can destroy your knife. Instead, many knife manufacturers make utility knives for cutting food on a griddle. It’s usually a reasonably thin blade with a straight edge and an edge protector.

Another thing to remember is that a sharp knife is required to cut through the flesh when preparing Blackstone griddle recipes. Any knife will work fine if you’re merely slicing or dicing food. However, if you’re trying to score or chop meat, you’ll need a sharp knife with a sharp edge.

Can You Use a Knife on Blackstone Griddle?

Can You Use a Knife on Blackstone Griddle? Does Blackstone Griddle Damages The Knife?

Some people believe that cutting on a griddle will damage your knife. They claim that the rigid surface of the skillet will dull your blade over time. At the same time, others say that they have never had any issues with their knives after using them on a griddle. And still, others say that it depends on the quality of your knife. 

Can You Use a Knife on Blackstone Griddle? Yes, however, there is a good probability that it will ruin your blade. After inspecting your knife, you’ll notice minor scratches on the blade. This indicates that chopping on a Blackstone griddle can harm your knife if you’re not careful.

What Are The Best Alternatives For Knife To Cut The Meat On Griddle?

There are three best alternatives for knives to cut the meat on a griddle. 

  • Spatula

A spatula can come in handy when cutting meat on a griddle. In addition, it’s a cooking tool used for many tasks like flipping pancakes, griddle burgers, and scraping batter from a bowl. 

While a traditional knife might slip and slide when trying to cut through cooked meat, a spatula will provide a firm grip that will help you get clean cuts. Furthermore, the wide surface area of the spatula will make it easier to transfer the meat to your plate.

  • Carving Knife

Carving knives are meant to chop through tough meats, so they can take whatever you throw at them. Their long blade will also give you more control over your cuts, allowing you to ensure that each piece has the right size. Just be careful not to cut your fingers while slicing the meat.

  • Fork

Finally, if you do not have either of these options available, you can always use a fork as an alternative. While it might take some getting used to, using a fork to cut meat on a griddle is actually quite effective.

Bottom Line

Many individuals prefer to use the knife directly on the griddle. This may trigger a red flag: “Can you use a knife on a Blackstone griddle?”, “is it safe?” While browsing the recipes of your favorite food blogger.

Don’t worry; we’ve provided a detailed solution to your suspicion. The short answer is yes, but it can lead to different results. First, read our blog, which addresses this issue. Then, let us know which knife or other options you use to slice the meat.


Q1; Can I use a knife on the Blackstone griddle?

Sure, you can. Even though you shouldn’t use the knife on the Blackstone griddle. In addition, the knife will scratch the griddle’s surface, making cleanup much more of a challenge. Bye the way if you want to know more about cleaning grills you may visit this previous blog.

Q2; Can you scratch the Blackstone griddle?

In a nutshell, yes, because it is made of durable material, yet this doesn’t make it scratch resistant. So, take cautious while scrubbing or scraping leftovers.

Q3; How to clean Blackstone griddle?

It’s very easy to clean a griddle. You can use a scraper to clean the griddle while it’s still hot. Next, wipe it down with a paper towel. If that doesn’t do the trick, try using dish soap and hot water. Use a towel dipped in soapy water to scrub the area, then rinse it thoroughly.

If you have more questions you may get answers in this blog post.

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