Can I Use Pit Boss Pellets in a Traeger? An interesting fact about pellets.

Can I use pit boss pellets in a Traeger? The answer is Yes. The wood pellets that you use in your grill, hold an important place. The heat and smoke ignited from the pellets will directly contribute to the taste and flavor of your food. It is significant to use the best pellets suitable for your grill. 

Traeger grill is one of the premium wood-fired grills on market. Now, people often come across this question. Can they use other wood pellets apart from Traeger ones in their Traeger grill? Most of the time, they are referring to using pit boss pellets in a Traeger. Because pit boss delivers the best all-natural wood pellets like Traeger. 

Through this article, you will get your answer to using a pit boss pellet in a Traeger. And a bunch of other information regarding the topic. 


Can I Use Pit Boss Pellets in a Traeger?

The straightforward answer to this question is a yes. You can use pit boss pellets in a Traeger. A Traeger uses all-natural wood pellets to fire their high-quality grills. Now, there can be situations in which you can run out of Traeger pellets. You need a bunch of pellets in a short time frame what will you do? To avoid the entire hassle of ordering a bag of Traeger pellets. You might think about using another brand’s pellet. 

So, you can use other types of wood pellets out of which pit boss pellets are your best option. Pit boss pellets are premium quality hardwood that is perfect for your premium Traeger grill. Pit boss uses very similar products to Traeger pellets. They are aligned with a long list of premium products such as cherry blend, hickory blend, whiskey blend, hardwood blend, and many more. 

Pit boss produce their pellets in a very similar way to Traeger. They use dried hardwood and grind it down in sawdust. Then they use a series of procedures such as heat, and pressure to compact the sawdust into wood pellets. In summary, you can use a pit boss pellet in a Traeger without worrying about results. However, it is crucial to follow the instructions precisely in order to get excellent results. 

Why Do Not Just Use Traeger Pellets in the Traeger Grill? 

Traeger is one of the popular brands when it comes to the best grills. They also manufacture different varieties of wood pellets to use in grills. The pellets are particularly made to be used in Traeger grills. The Traeger wood pellets are of the highest quality and the best option to use. However, Traeger pellets are very expensive compared to other brands. 

Now, can spend a ton of money just on the pellets? The pellets are supposed to burn and provide heat to the grill. So, you would think that it is only going to provide you with heat and smoke. You can purchase much cheaper than Traeger pellets. You will go with the option to use a different pellet than Traeger. In this way, you can save a ton of money and use it somewhere else. 

So, the only reason is that you will use other pellets than Traeger in a Traeger. It is because they are pretty expensive and not considered for daily use. So, what you can do is to use the pellets that are best after the Traeger which in this case is pit boss pellets.

Will Using the Pit Boss Pellets Cancel the Warranty on a Traeger Grill?  

A lot of people are under the illusion that you can only use Traeger pellets in a Traeger grill. Otherwise, if you use any other pellet, it will then cancel the warranty of your purchase. Traeger provides a warranty in two ways which are a warranty card or through the Traeger warranty website. 

The warranty cards

The card comes with all the information that you need to register the grill. Along with the terms and conditions of how the warranty will work. The card contains a phrase that says, Traeger will perform the finest when used with Traeger pellets. 

People assume that they can only use Traeger pellets, and no other pellets. However, the card only recommends you use it, there is no strict rule about it.

The warranty website

On the Traeger website, they formerly walk you through the guidelines of the warranty. They lay out that if you assemble or use the grill not in accordance with the instructions. Then the warranty can get canceled. On the website, they also stated that if you use a fuel source that is not compatible with the grill, then you cannot use the warranty. 

But it does not mean that you can only use Traeger pellets. Instead, it means that if you use charcoal or wood in the grill other than wood pellets. Then the warranty will get void. 

So, both the warranty card and website do not bind you to use Traeger pellets. So, if you use pit boos pellets in the Traeger grill, then your warranty will not cancel. 

What kind of pellets can be used in Traeger? 

Traeger provides you with the best grills that you can use for smoking and grilling. However, the kind of pellets you use in it does affect the results. The smoke or heat the pellets produce will directly impact the taste and cooking of your food. 

Can I use pit boss pellets in a Traeger?
Pit boss pellets

There are several kinds of pellets available in the market made up of either biomass or organic materials. The top pellets that you can use in Traeger grills are apple, pecan, and mesquite pellets. You can also use any kind of pellets regardless of the type. But make sure that it is reliable and high-quality. Pit boss pellets are the best ones for a Traeger grill for sure.


Q1. Are pit boss and Traeger the same thing?

Ans; No, pit boss pellet and Traeger are not the same things. Both are high-quality brands that produce portable grills and related equipment. 

Traeger is a more high-end brand and its production line mostly consists of small, convenient, and easy-to-use options. The company has been in the business for a very long period. They continue to bring out the latest technology in their grill equipment. That is why customers still approach Traeger as one of the best grill brands out there. 

On the other hand, the pit boss is also a great company. However, it produces less expensive grills than Traeger. And provide the customer with a maximum 5-year warranty in case of any return back or maintenance issues. 

Q2. Are pit boss pellets real wood or not?

Ans; Pit boss is a reliable company that manufactures grills. With that, they also acquire a line of pellets to use in the grill. The pit boss pellets are made of 100% real hardwood. The wood is all-natural, and organic that is dried, and ground into sawdust. 

The sawdust is then pressurized enough at a high temperature to create the pellets. The pellets are really compact and coated together with the aid of lignin from the wood. Pit boss pellets are very considerable, and the easiest type of fuel that you can use. 

Q3. What is the price difference between Traeger pellets and pit boss pellets?  

Ans; The two companies have a huge difference in their prices. Traeger is much more expensive than pit boss pellets. And that is why people mostly use pit boss pellets in Traeger grills.

For example, a 20-pound bag of Traeger pellet will cost around $19. While on the other hand, a 20-pound bag of pit boss pellets will cost around $8. Now, as you can see the Traeger cost twice more than the pit boss. However, they both work the same in producing heat and smoke for the grill. So, if you cannot afford to use Traeger pellets, then you use the pit boss pellets. 

The Bottom Line 

Every grill requires good quality pellets to operate properly and to give the best outcomes. Traeger is one of the best brands that deliver high-quality grills. Most people are under the impression that you can only use Traeger pellets in a Traeger grill. But that is not true at all as you can use other pellets in a Traeger grill

Pit boss pellets are very similar to Traeger pellets. However, they do differ widely in price ranges. Trager is twice expensive as a pit boss. You can use pit boss pellet in a Traeger without any kind of doubt. There will be no negative consequences of using pit boss pellets. Just follow the same instructions that you would follow for Traeger pellets to get amazing results. 

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